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Redeem your inklink code...

Inklink is a new process which prints a unique and secure music digital download code on to artist merchandise.

For bands

  • Inklink is a new way to release your music.
  • Inklink is a low cost/low volume alternative to formats like CD.
  • All band merch can include an inklink.
  • Scope to inklink to a single track, an EP, an album or a video.
  • Merch has more value and can be sold at a premium.
  • Merch can't be digitalised.
For fans
  • Every inklink t-shirt is a completely unique collectors item.
  • Every inklink t-shirt is a numbered and limited edition.
  • A t-shirt or other piece of merch is a functional item.
  • An inklink marks out a true fan of a bands music.